Services and facilities

Breakfast included

After the first songs of the birds and birds of our environment, you will know that breakfast awaits you. A traditional Galician breakfast with loaf of bread, honeys and jams of the area, homemade sponge cake, and a lot of love. You decide where to take it; in the cafe with views, or in your cabin´s privacy.

Chimney heat

Because a lack of heat from the feathers, good is a wood burning fireplace, for the romantic moment, to wrap up in the light of night and turn your Nest into a single home.

Circular bathtub

Feel at ease, alone or in company. Our bathtubs, a small lake mode, make you feel like a swan. Sales, oils and bubbles, turn a long day’s journey into a moment of relaxation and enjoyment, unique and very appetizing.

Music room

Through our Panoramic TVs Smart tv of big format and audio of maximum definition, it navigates by the music that you like more, to turn that moment into your moment, to the one that you like more.

King size bed

A bed is everything in a NEST. Beds in the center of the cabins, there is no flight without rest, and that is why we have everything within our reach. We hope you enjoy it.

Free wifi

Enjoy throughout the establishment a powerful wifi, with which you can download and upload the best photos you have done throughout the day

Coffe / Store

We put at your disposal everything you need to liven up the day. Also so you can take some memories of these days that are unforgettable.

Interpretation center

We explain everything to you … for those who do not know anything and for whom everything they want to know. Our center has a tour of the region so you know what are the best points of sighting and observation, what to see, when better, what are the oddities in the area, etc.

Courtesy computer

No need to come loaded … we leave you what we need and why we have your disposition in the computer in which to work, chat or document.

Where dreams nest
Let your imagination fly
Feel free.....
like a bird