The Egg

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


Miguel Fernandez Sar.

Passionate and fond of nature tourism and outdoor activities. In love with Carnota and its surroundings. Adventurous, enterprising and young entrepreneur. He decides to start this project to bring together his great passions in a unique and original project, and with him, to make happy and participate, to more people, people from all over the world, people like you.

He surrounds himself with different professionals to make this initiative viable and after hard work sessions, eternal meetings, constant modifications and improvements, unforeseen delays, decision making, infinite paperwork, NIDOS DE CARNOTA is finally born. a place where your dreams will nest … and those of our birds.


Fernado Luis Pereira de la Cal.

Professional and in love with the ornithoxic richness of the area and of all the birds in general.

Currently environmental monitor in the control of birds in wind farms. Wanderer and traveler inveterate in search of oddities and bird watching.

Bloguer reference for more than 10 years; Birds and landscapes in Finisterre.

Photographic expert on rare and wandering birds from Spain. Collaborator in the SACRE and ATLAS program of birds during the breeding season. Advisor in this project and with the Axencia de Turismo de Galicia in the dissemination of Galicia’s ornithoxic wealth.


This project would have no meaning or reason to exist if it were not for the birds that live and transit in this territory.

We want to make known the experience of sighting and bird watching, in a pleasant and respectful way with the environment. We combine the playful and touristic aspect with this passionate hobby, fusing nature, landscapes, routes, visits, history, art, culture, traditions.

Our big stars are the Bilurico bailón, the Mobella, the Mascato, the Gabita, the Cullereiro, the Paiño, the Falaropo, the Pildora Cincenta, the Pilro Bulebule, the Píllara Real, the Mazarico Curlí, the Curuxa, the Avelaiona, among others many more and less common species.

We pay tribute to them, this project.

Our Flight

It all started with our passion for birds, and the great beauty of the environment in which we live and in which we share with our birds. We think, why not share this passion and this charm with more people, why not give the possibility that you and yours will know this unique place and try this wonderful hobby, such as bird watching.

Immerse yourself in the unique landscape of A Costa da Morte, and while you follow the bird-watching routes, you can see the charm of the sea, the megalithic routes, the path of the Lighthouses, the cliffs of Fisterra, the spectacular nature of Mount Pindo, the waterfall of the Ézaro, the dryers of conger of Muxia, the sunset of Lires and Fisterra, the singular magic of this area. And that’s how we ended up … … stuck in this fantastic project in which to spread the wonders of our land, Galicia, and its birds.

This is how we created an interpretation center where we could tell you all about our birds, so we created a variety of excursions combining tourism, culture, art, gastronomy, nature and the amazing, thus creating our unique lodgings where you will feel nesting in paradise …

Interpretation center
Experience in couple

A cabin for two, with great detail, where to combine tourism, relaxation, sports, healthy living, gastronomy, and everything that you can think of, it is possible

Living in family

A good time to join the family and share with the children the experience of observation and learning of birds. In a natural environment, of infinite beauty, where to share leisure activities, leisure, sports, nature, learning. An experience that will unite you and you will remember it forever … every time you see a bird again.

Your love nest

Heat, smell and color of fireplace, a large bed in the shape of a nest covered by a down duvet, a fantastic bath of salts and foam with views to the outside, an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, letting you conquer by the whisper of the wind, the fragrance of nature, the views of a starry sky … an unforgettable proposal where to share with your partner new and idyllic sensations. An assured conquest.

An alternative to experience

A luxurious suite, under the aspect of a design cabin, immersed in a natural setting, hiking trails where you can discover idyllic landscapes, the proximity to places of tourist interest, a gastronomy without equal, deserted beaches, a different way of doing tourism; healthy, respectful and sustainable.